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Spiritual Warfare

When the enemy starts to pry open your internal doors and let his darkness creep in, it’s difficult to keep your light glowing. Spiritual battles are very real, and right when your relationship with Jesus is at its peak, the enemy attempts to do all it can to draw you away from God.

Satan tries to grab hold of me in many different ways: Family, friends, work, and most commonly, through dreams. I’ve lived most of my life dreading sleep due to vivid nightmares that I can’t seem to shake out of my mind as my day prolongs- and that’s exactly what Satan wants. While experiencing these terrors every day has definitely taken its toll, I have started neglecting Satans mind-play by putting on the Armor of God.

When you accept Christ, His Holy Spirit is gifted into you. It cannot be taken away, it cannot be refunded, you’re stuck with it! That means God is with you always, even when Satan tries convincing you He isn’t. For this reason, when Satan pursues you with the intent of spiritual warfare, pray to God for your Holy Spirit to shield off the enemy, your Faith to be the sword that protects you, and for God to send Guardian Angels to swarm your side. Let any fear become weak when you put on your Armor of God.

The enemy cannot fight and win, Gods power trumps all and His love for you will keep you safe. When you feel a spiritual battle on the rise and darkness dulling your flame, remember to gaze up at God and let His gift of the Holy Spirit be your everlasting light.

How do you put on your Armor of God? Let me know below!


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i  f     o  n  l  y
w e c o u l d g o
b a c k
t o
t y p e w r i t e r t i m e s
w h e r e m a k i n g
m i s t e a a k e s
w a s u n d e r s t o o d.


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Yoga Attacks my Anxiety

Staying active has always been a priority of mine but after my junior year of High School, all of my time playing sports was substituted for work and school. While I tried my best to keep a gym streak and eat healthy, it was only until this year that I realized how out of shape I was. I went from going to the gym 5-6 days a week, to gasping for air as I climbed 3 floors of stairs.

I started becoming embarrassed of my body and my self-confidence reached an all-time low. Anxiety had a firm hold on my life, and I was having violent nightmares every single night. Well, that all changed when I explored Yoga.

I’ll be honest, I always thought of Yoga as that activity that people did just to say they did. It seemed so mainstream and I could never see myself doing it. Long story short, I did it. I spontaneously decided that I needed to escape my mind, so I drove to the earliest class my gym offered and haven’t looked back since.

Yoga has taught me how to block out the universe, it has shown me that I have the power to overcome my anxiety, something that I thought wasn’t possible. Pushing my body beyond its limits was the invigorating part of sports I always loved, and guess what? I can now experience that in the comfort of my home. I don’t need to leave to be in a gym or on a field to be active, my mat on the basement floor is enough for me.

If you’re thinking about starting Yoga, stop thinking about it and just do it. Don’t listen to the stereotypes or feel like your too old. Yoga is for everyone, and its potential to change your life is an opportunity everyone needs.


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God is a Giver

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” – James 1:17

What is your gift?

Is it exuberantly baking hundreds of cookies just because? Maybe it’s solving a Rubix cube in under one minute! Perhaps, gardening with your mom every Saturday morning?

Whatever your gift is, acknowledge it. You know, that one thing that’s, simply put, you. When people see you they say, “Hey! Aren’t you that person that sang amazing karaoke last night?” Yeah, that thing.

God handpicked the perfect quality for the perfect you, He thought hard and He makes no mistakes. God made you for His purpose and guess what? He can’t fulfill it without you. That’s a pretty big pair of shoes to fill! So where do you start?

To answer, you start with God. You start with understanding that He is the creator of the universe; the creator of you, and the creator of your gift, so acknowledge Him to acknowledge your gift! Start recognizing that extraordinary, individual spark God lit inside of you.

In life there are going to be situations where people don’t see your gift as a gift at all. These situations may hinder the image you have of yourself; self worth, self achievement, self confidence. It may affect what you think of you and your gift, but it will not affect the potential of you and your gift. So if your imagination wanders all day and desires to compose at night, then write. If you can throw the quickest fastball on the team, then throw. If you adore letting a paintbrush dance along canvas, then paint. After all, you were made for His purpose, so use yours.


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A rush of weightlessness
As one takes off in stride
Away, soaring,
Letting the wind be a guide,

Is that what a balloon feels?

Letting go
Fleeing from all that’s heavy,
What a beautiful sight.

An experience where
No gravity
Nor hole
Nor weight
Can overrule.

So float, darling
Climb along the clouds,
Be a balloon.



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His Plan

You have no control of your life.
It is a harsh reality, but the truth. God wrote the book of your life, He wrote “Chapter 1: Your Beginning,” and composed the perfect storyline that concludes to the last chapter, “Your Ending.” God knows you.

So if God knows you, then why is it so hard to trust Him?

I struggle daily with trusting God and question His plan all the time. After all, He created me to be curious! While I know that in the end God’s plan will work out, I could never quite put my finger on why I challenge His plans for me. Well, today I found my answer.

While in deep prayer, I stopped speaking to absorb any messages or feelings God wanted me to experience. In the midst of the heavy wind outside and jingling wind chimes, a sudden quietness fell over me and relayed the message, “I trust you.” At first I didn’t know if it was my questionable self just thinking the thought into my head, but leading up to that moment I had a completely clear mind. It was God speaking to me.

God wanted me to know that He trusted me, and that was the knowledge I lacked all this time. I couldn’t entirely trust God’s plan because I never believed that He would trust me. Similar to any other relationship, your connection with God has trust as its foundation. If there isn’t mutual trust, the relationship won’t build. I always felt that my mistakes made me unworthy of God’s trust, but guess what? He knows you! He knows that you make mistakes, and will continue to do so. The best part? He loves you regardless.

I leave you with the thought that trusting God’s plan is hard, but knowing that He trusts you to fulfill it can make the journey easier.


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Why Change is Growth

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.” – Proverbs 3:5-6

How do you feel about change?

I know I always avoid change. When there’s a tricky situation, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep the outcome as change-less as possible!

What I’ve come to realize is as we go through life, God wants us to not make changes, but encourage growth. I’ll admit, it’s always been really hard for me to listen to God. I’m stubborn, and it’s a big flaw of mine I’m trying to conquer. God talks to me all the time and I fight with him, “No…I can’t do that! The outcome will be unpredictable…” I’ll always think. Let’s be real, you can’t fight with God. Spoiler: He wins. Every. Time.

God knows what is best for us and when He calls you, if you don’t listen you’ll definitely find out why you should have later on.

This week I was left swollen with guilt because I did not listen to God. Long story short, I had driven by a lost service dog. I wasn’t sure if I should pull over, but 30 seconds down the road there was a number with a photo of that same dog, reading “LOST DOG: REWARD $10,000”. I called the number on the poster for the lost dog, but the reward part had me questioning if I should stay with him, not just tell where the dog was roaming. With all of the horrific events and human trafficking awareness spreading around the country like wild fire, I left the dog.

Well, every second God told me, “Turn around.” I shook my head. “Turn around, Eve.” I still ignored the thought. “You need to turn around.” I didn’t budge, and kept driving.

The dog was of course gone when the man arrived, and I felt guilt. I felt guilty because the fact was this dog has been lost for 3 weeks, and the reward of $10,000 was real. How could I have known? Oh, that’s right, if I had just listened to God.

In the end, I am still saddened and disappointed in my poor decision-making, but God taught me an important lesson. While I was guilty because I didn’t listen to Him, The Lord showed me how I could learn from this situation. I learned to put my Faith in Christ, because if I had, I’d be guilt-free and $10,000 richer. I praise God for teaching me this lesson, because my Faith has grown stronger and I trust His plans even more now.

So, learn from me! Realize that God wants what’s best for you. Don’t worry, trust in Him, the changes you think are scary, are the water to the seed God is growing in you.


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Christian in College

Staying on the righteous path that God has for you is a difficult task on its own, and being a Christian in college makes this task even more challenging!

College is riddled with temptations and distractions, requiring a lot of self-discipline to keep your walk with God steady. For this reason, it is crucial to keep your sight on Jesus to keep you grounded and moving forward!

Here are my 5 tips on how to stay grounded with God in college:

1.) Pray!
The Lord wants us to call Him in our lowest of low moments. In college, these happen quite often. It’s difficult to stay positive when you’re slammed with 3 exams, 2 labs, and a paper in 1 week! To avoid the stress, pray to the Lord! He wants to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly, so pour it out! You’ll feel relieved knowing you’re not alone.

2.) Fellowship.
The hardest thing about being a Christian in college is having a lack of support. Especially for incoming Freshman, you may not have Christian friends that attended your college with you. In order to find a community that shares your love for God, be open about your Faith! Look into joining Gospel Choir, or attending your campuses weekly Bible Study. Find a community that shares your interests, and God will do the rest!

3.) Read the Bible.
College can be hectic, and it can be difficult to find time for The Lord. One method I use to start my day positively, is to read my Bible first thing in the morning. Although this may be difficult for some 8 AM courses, try setting your alarm for just 5 minutes earlier! Even reading one verse can start your day off on the right track, and who knows? Maybe that one verse will be an important lesson throughout the day.

4.) Keep a Sabbath.
This tip has always been tricky for me, but I know several people who do this and it is one of the only ways they conquered stress in college. Keeping a Sabbath, otherwise known as a day of no work, will not only help you get homework done, but also have a day to relax. Self care is crucial, and sometimes we forget how important our bodies are in the midst of midterms week. Try getting all your weekly work done by Saturday night, and spend Sunday relaxing. Your body will thank you!

5.) Go to Church.
I know that after getting up early for classes all throughout the week, it’s difficult to make it to that 9:30 AM service. However, taking time out of your week (even just one hour) to worship in God’s House can help you de-stress. Let’s be real, whether it’s singing, dancing, or sitting and listening to the Pastor preach, God has a message for you that you can carry with you throughout the week. So come on, warm up that Keurig early Sunday morning and worship Jesus!

I hope you found these 5 tips helpful for your walk with God in college! College has its temptations, but you can conquer them.


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Do I love you.

I love you like
All the life wonders:

The flutter of hummingbird wings,
The pattering drops of rain,
The warmth of sun on skin,
The pleasant tickle of goosebumps,
The sight of a dog,
The song of blowing wind chimes,
The comfort of nestled feet in warm sand,
The hush after a snow shower,
Each a memorable sense,
A feeling of joy and peace.

Oh, but
The butterflies of a heartbeat
The one you cause,
An incomparable wonder all on its own.